Product Marketing

    Value-based Pricing Strategy (Course)

    This is a 47-slide PowerPoint. There are 3 common approaches to pricing: Cost-based Pricing, Competitive Pricing, and Value-based Pricing. This presentation discusses A.T. Kearney's approach to V... (Read more)

    Rogers' Five Factors (Course)

    This is a 29-slide PowerPoint. This document discusses Rogers' Five Factors, framework for analyzing and understanding the diffusion and adoption of product innovations.  Businesses are interest... (Read more)

    Psychology of Product Adoption (Course)

    This is a 46-slide PowerPoint. Some innovations are truly spectacular, but consumers are slow or just refuse to adopt. In fact, over 70% of all new products fail in the marketplace--and innovativ... (Read more)

    Product Lifecycle (Course)

    This is a 34-slide PowerPoint. Product Lifecycle Analysis is an invaluable tool for developing a robust product marketing strategy. Marketers and strategists can use this analysis to predict sale... (Read more)

    Pricing Strategy (Course)

    This is a 38-slide PowerPoint. This presentation provides an in-depth discussion on Pricing Strategy. Topics include: *Skimming vs. Penetration *Consumer Adoption Curve *Advantages and Disadvan... (Read more)